2024 Metal Roof Color Trends: Best Metal Roof and Wall Colors This Year

What metal roof colors are trending in 2024? In this article, we’ll look at the top colors this year and how to find the right color for your project.

Trends are continuously shifting. This is especially true for trends in colors, which can change from year to year or region to region. If you’re an architect getting up to speed on the latest trends or a homeowner looking to choose the next color for your metal roof, it will help to have the right information on hand to inform your decisions.

Sheffield Metals International (SMI) stocks coil and sheets for the metal roofing industry, including other accessories such as clips, fasteners, and bolts. Aside from providing high-quality materials for our customers, we’re also committed to building real relationships to help those in our industry succeed. With our expert architectural and technical teams, we’re here to make sure your metal roofing project’s design will last.

In this article, we talk about the 2024 color trends in the metal roofing industry for Sheffield Metals, including the colors we’ve seen most requested so far this year and those that will likely continue to be popular in the future. We’ll also look at some overall trends in colors in metal roofing, and touch on how to choose the right color for your metal roofing project.

1. Gray (Dove Gray and Charcoal Gray, Slate Gray, Ash Gray)

Ash gray, charcoal gray, dove gray, and slate gray metal roofing colors

Gray continues to be a very popular color in the metal roofing industry. We’re seeing a variety of different shades of gray being requested, including Dove Gray, Charcoal Gray, Slate Gray, and Ash Gray.

Two shades have topped the requests: Dove Gray and Charcoal Gray. These two shades are on the cooler side when compared to Slate and Ash Gray.

So why does gray continue to be such a popular choice for metal roofs and walls? While we can’t point to one specific reason for its success, we can identify several benefits that make gray alluring to customers:

  • Versatility: Gray is commonly touted as one of the most versatile color options. It has a neutral, elegant appearance that can easily blend into various environments. From car dealerships to neighborhood homes to restaurants, it’s a color that can be utilized on so many different structures, making it one of the most popular choices on the market.
  • Modern aesthetic: Gray is also trending because of its ability to add a modern flare to metal roofing designs. It has a clean, sophisticated look that adds class to homes and buildings.
  • Functionality: Aside from its aesthetics, various shades of gray can also offer functional benefits. Dove Gray and Charcoal Gray, for instance, have mid-range Solar Reflective Index (SRI) values, which offer benefits in energy efficiency.
Gray metal siding on a commercial building

Subtle and modern, gray is set up once again to be one of the most popular colors for metal roofs and walls in 2024. Keep in mind that gray might not be right for everyone – some may opt for something flashier than the neutral tones of gray.

2. Bronze (Dark Bronze and Medium Bronze)  

Dark bronze and medium bronze metal roofing colors

Another color continuing to remain popular in 2024 is bronze, with both Dark and Medium Bronze proving to be top choices for customers so far this year.

There are numerous reasons why Bronze is a great choice for metal roofs and walls:

  • Natural look: Bronze, with its soft, brown shades, replicates colors found in nature. For designs seeking to conform to their natural surroundings, bronze is an easy and effective choice.
  • Inviting shades: With its warm colors, bronze has a subtle but inviting aesthetic that is great for various homes and buildings.
  • Design longevity: Like gray, bronze also works for a variety of different designs. It’s an excellent complement to many other colors and can last far into the future despite changes to your metal roof or wall’s design.
A bronze standing seam metal roof on a log cabin

3. TLG CoreLine

Sheffield Metals CoreLine Metal Samples

A brand new set of colors is also set to trend upward in 2024. This is Sheffield Metals’ CoreLine, introduced in October 2023. CoreLine features five textured, low-gloss colors, including:

  • TLG Dark Bronze
  • TLG Moonstone
  • TLG Charcoal Gray
  • TLG Black
  • TLG Medium Bronze

So what makes CoreLine unique?

  • Multiple paint system advantages: CoreLine offers the durability, impressive color retention, and low-gloss aesthetics of PVDF finishes, while also providing a textured, gritty finish for better walkability and added visual interest.
  • Novelty: CoreLine offers something completely new to the metal roofing market. A choice like Moonstone, with its novel, shimmering appearance that changes in different lights, is eye-catching and perfect for those looking for a unique color option.
  • Variety: One of the best things about CoreLine is the variety of options to choose from. You can get the design you want while also gaining various functional advantages.

Expect to see CoreLine continue to grow in popularity throughout 2024 and beyond.

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Matte black standing seam metal roofing

For this article, we highlighted three of the top metal roof and wall colors this year, but there were many others that are popular amongst customers. Here are some other colors that have been trending so far in 2024:

  • Vintage
  • Silver Metallic
  • Mansard Brown
  • Hemlock Green
  • PreWeathered Galvalume
  • Matte Black

As we continue forward in 2024, it’s important to look at common trends between these colors to see what factors are driving color selection.

Knowing which specific colors are trending can allow you to make the right choices for your metal roofing project. It can also be effective to take a step back and look at the overall color trends threading through the industry so far this year. In 2024, we continue to see trends like conservative tones, natural colors, and lasting shades remain popular.

Conservative Tones

Neutral, conservative colors such as gray continue to top the charts for colors in 2024. These “conservative” colors, such as Dove Gray or Medium Bronze, give buildings and homes a modern, sleek appearance without drawing too much attention to the design itself.

It also offers a traditional, safe tone for those looking to fit in with the other roofs in neighborhoods and homeowner’s associations.

Natural Colors

Hemlock green standing seam metal roof

Earthy, natural colors that mimic the look of nature are also becoming popular in 2024. You see this in the popularity of colors such as Hemlock Green or Medium Bronze, which offer characteristics similar to those you would see in a natural landscape. These types of colors offer a calming aesthetic that can also help a home or building ground itself in its natural environment.

Lasting Shades

One of the most significant benefits of metal roofs is their ability to last for decades – sometimes up to sixty years or more. This is something else to consider when choosing a color for a metal roof, and it’s reflected in the popular colors you see come up time and time again every year.

Instead of choosing a color that’s popular merely for a fad, many customers are looking at colors that are strong and will hold up well, both functionally and culturally. This could be another reason we see colors such as gray and bronze continue to be popular. 

How Can You Find the Right Color for Your Metal Roof or Wall?

Even with the knowledge of the different color trends in the metal roofing industry right now, it can still be challenging to decide which shade will work best for your unique project. Here are some specific steps you can take to narrow your options and find the best color choice for you.

Work With a Trusted Metal Roofing Supplier  

Aside from finding the right color for your project, you’ll also need to find the right metal roofing supplier who can get you the colors and materials you need. Trusted metal roofing suppliers will typically have their colors listed on their websites. Some may also have an option for custom colors.

Also, be sure to find out if the supplier also includes other selections such as PVDF colors, cool metal roofing properties, and any other considerations that may be important to your project.

Use a Color Visualizer

Sheffield Metals color visualizer

It can be one thing to look at a color on a chip or on a screen, but it can look entirely different when it’s actually on a home or building. To help envision exactly what a certain color would look like on a roof, you can utilize a tool such as a color visualizer.

Color visualizers are impressive tools that can help bring a specific color to life, helping architects and homeowners alike understand whether it’s the right choice for them. You can simply upload a photo of your project and choose the color you want to see on your roof, wall, or trim. If you don’t have a photo, you can also use our standard photos to see the differences between certain shades.

Request Color Chips

The most realistic way to understand what a color looks like is to actually have the physical version of it in your hands. By requesting color chips, you can receive samples of the colors you want and see how they look in person. Having samples allows you to see how colors may change slightly in the light or determine whether they’d be the right fit next to a specific color already on your home.

Request Color Chips from Sheffield Metals

Finding the “perfect” color for your metal roofing project can be challenging. While it’s important to stay on top of trends and know what’s driving the industry, ultimately, the final decision comes down to what you or your client are looking for. Having the right help – such as a trusted metal roofing supplier, can make all the difference when going through the color selection process.

Sheffield Metals has an architectural team ready to help with your metal roofing design. You can speak with our experts to talk about color selections or find a variety of color resources on our website, from videos and articles on the topic, to a full page detailing all of our selections, and our color visualizer tool. You can also request color chips to see colors up close.

For more help with choosing the right color for your metal roof, feel free to reach out today to speak with our architectural team.

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