Take-Off Service for Metal Roof Estimations

Use Our Free Take-Off Service for Your Metal Roof Installations Today!

Whether you’re a commercial or residential contractor, it’s always good to make sure your estimation measurements are as accurate as possible. That’s why Sheffield Metals offers all customers with a complimentary, high-quality, and professional take-off service.

To complete a take-off, all we require is:

  • The panel width
  • Roof plans or digital blueprints
  • The roof pitch

In return, you’ll receive a roof coverage summary with a detailed list of the number of panels needed in both linear feet and total square feet. Plus, a full layout of the panels on the roof deck.

The typical turnaround for the take-off service averages about 48 to 72 hours.

Please note: This service is meant to assist you and your customers’ estimating needs and doesn’t replace field verification.

Sheffield Metals Products & Services: Take-Off Service
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