Engineered & Non-Engineered Metal Roof & Wall Panel Profiles

Panel Profiles for Standing Seam Metal Roof & Wall Systems

Sheffield Metals offers a complete line of engineered and non-engineered standing seam profiles for metal roof and wall systems. Whether your project is residential or commercial, solid substrate or open framing, big or small – we have the resources and products you need for your project. All of our panel profiles are tested to meet minimum UL 90 approvals.

Many of our engineered panel profiles are tested to more stringent requirements, including:

  • Wind uplift testing
  • Water penetration testing
  • Water submersion testing
  • Air infiltration testing
  • Impact resistance testing
Sheffield Metals Products & Services: Engineered Standing Seam Metal Roofing & Wall Systems

A Sheffield Metals engineered roof or wall system that comes with our 40-year transferrable paint warranty and an optional 5- to 35-year weathertight warranty makes our profiles smart and secure choices for all of your architectural metals projects.

Looking to download testing reports, guide specifications, installation details, and more documents? Explore all of our engineered and non-engineered standing seam profiles below.

If you have questions about our panel profiles, please contact one of our Sheffield Metals representatives for assistance!

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