Weathertight Warranties

Limited & No Dollar Limit Weathertight Warranties

Sheffield Metals offers Limited and No Dollar Limit Weathertight Warranties with standard time frames starting at 5 years through 35 years, based on the coverage you desire.

All warranty projects are coordinated through our in-house Technical Department, which helps to ensure that all applicable requirements are met and all projects are inspected personally. Our use of certified contractors, time tested installation details, and close company involvement delivers the highest quality installation available. Our warranties are fully transferable and designed to offer comprehensive protection to fit any budget or criteria. 

Contact a Sheffield representative today to learn more about a warranty that’s right for you.

Limited Weathertight Warranty Samples:

No Dollar Limit Weathertight Warranty Samples:

Applying for a Weathertight Warranty

To start the process of purchasing a weathertight warranty from Sheffield Metals, you can take one of two steps:

  • Download the Weathertight Warranty Quote Request Form (Fillable PDF) – This document is intended for when a contractor is bidding a project and needs to get a weathertight warranty price and/or wants SMI to pre-approve the project.
  • Download the Weathertight Warranty Application Form (Fillable PDF) – This document is the actual application where the project details are recorded and attached, including the installation details (or shop drawings), roof plans, specifications, elevations, and any other document helpful to the installation.

Once the installation contractor completely fills out the necessary documents, please send it all to the Technical Department at Sheffield Metals. From there, one of our weathertight warranty representatives will be in contact with you!