Paint, Substrate, & Weathertight Warranties

Warranty Options to Meet Your Needs, Requirements, & Budget! 

Sheffield Metals knows that your roof not only protects your family or business, but also keeps your most valuable and often irreplaceable assets safe. That’s why we work closely with our chain of suppliers to ensure that we are able to continually offer the best products with some of the industry’s best warranties. Our warranty options are fully transferable and designed to offer comprehensive protection to fit any budget or criteria. 

To complement our metal roof and wall systems, we offer three main warranty types: Paint, substrate, and weathertight.

Paint & Substrate Warranties

Our metal sheet and coil products carry a variety of paint warranties. Most notably is our 40-year transferrable paint warranty for PVDF (Kynar®) coated products. We also offer paint warranties for coastal applications and SMP-coated products.

For our AZ50 (painted) and AZ55 (unpainted or acrylic-coated) Galvalume products, we offer a 25-year, 6-month substrate warranty.

Weathertight Warranties

Do you have a commercial project that you want to ensure is installed to the highest possible standards and is guaranteed to last? Consider one of our two levels of single-source weathertight warranties to provide quality protection for your investment!

Sheffield Metals offers “Limited” and “No Dollar Limit” weathertight warranties with time frames ranging anywhere from 5 to 35 years, based on the coverage you desire. All warranty projects are coordinated by our in-house Technical Department representatives who personally inspect each project to ensure all applicable requirements are met. Our use of certified contractors, time-tested installation details, and close company involvement deliver the highest quality installation available.

Warranties for Standing Seam Metal Roofing