CoreLine 24-Gauge Textured Low-Gloss PVDF Colors

CoreLine brings together the ultra-premium paint system benefits of PVDF like improved color retention, impressive fade characteristics, and brighter colors, while also providing a low-gloss, gritty, textured finish to improve grip retention and walkability.

Typically, textured finishes have only been available for SMP paint systems. With demand already high for low-gloss products, CoreLine finishes will be a welcome addition to customers, blending advantages of both SMP and PVDF paint systems.

New CoreLine colors include:

  • TLG Dark Bronze
  • TLG Moonstone™
  • TLG Charcoal Gray
  • TLG Black
  • TLG Medium Bronze
CoreLine textured low-gloss color chip samples

Coreline combines beautiful, low-gloss aesthetics with the durability and robustness of textured finishes. This merges the advantages of multiple paint systems and provides customers with a fresh new option for their metal roofing projects. Included with CoreLine is TLG Moonstone™, which is new to the Sheffield Metals color palette.

Sheffield Metals will provide the standard 24-gauge PVDF warranty for CoreLine products.

CoreLine will be stocked at all Sheffield Metals locations, and will be available to ship with standard lead times.

TLG stands for textured low-gloss, which is a main feature of CoreLine. It brings together two of the most popular features in metal roofing right now, producing a material that is both appealing to the eye and extremely durable.

Paint pens will be available for CoreLine, allowing customers to easily touch up small scratches on their metal roofing projects.

Why Choose CoreLine for Your Project?

  • Unmatched Durability: With time-tested PVDF paint technology, CoreLine will last for decades without excessive wear.
  • Sleek Low-Gloss Finish: This unique finish knocks down harsh sunlight for a smooth, even appearance.
  • Tactical Gritty Texture: Improved walkability and added visual interest will benefit contractors and homeowners alike.
  • Color Variety: Varying hues come together to fit in with a variety of environments and design needs.
  • Versatile Applications: CoreLine works well on multiple structures, from residential homes to commercial dealerships.

Request a CoreLine Metal Color Sample Deck

What is TLG Moonstone™?

As part of the CoreLine series, Sheffield Metals International is introducing a brand-new color, TLG Moonstone™, which is a metallic gray shade with a shimmery finish. Moonstone mixes hues of blues, browns, and grays, to create a fresh new option that works great for a variety of structures including homes, restaurants, retail stores, and dealerships.

    Sheffield Metals TLG Moonstone roof deck sample