Metal Roofing in Florida: Why Sheffield Metals Is Expanding into the Sunshine State

Looking for a reliable metal roofing supplier in Florida? Sheffield Metals just opened up a new branch in Plant City. Read on to learn more about the expansion!

Metal roofing continues to grow in popularity, especially in extreme weather areas. Florida has become a hotspot for residential and commercial metal roofing projects, as this material offers superior durability compared to other options. With the growing opportunity in this area, it’s more important than ever to find trusted, reliable metal roofing suppliers that can provide the products you need.

Sheffield Metals International (SMI) is an industry-leading provider of bare and painted metal coil and sheets. With decades of experience in the industry and a full technical team on staff, we’re committed to helping our customers get quality products and information so that their metal roofing projects can succeed.

In 2024, Sheffield Metals opened a new branch in Plant City, Florida. This branch will better serve our existing customers in the Southeastern U.S. while also providing an option for new customers. In this article, we’ll examine why Sheffield Metals is expanding into Florida and what we can offer metal roofing contractors and architects.

Why Did Sheffield Metals Open a New Branch in Florida?

Growing Popularity of Metal Roofs in Florida

One of the most significant reasons Sheffield Metals expanded into Florida was the growing popularity of metal roofing in this area. Even in the last five years, metal roofing in this region has become very prevalent.

Homeowners and building owners are looking for ways to defend against hurricanes, and metal roofing offers a solution. Unlike shingle roofs, which require replacements every fifteen years to retain homeowner’s insurance, metal roofs are known to have lifespans of sixty years or more.

In response, more contractors are purchasing portable rollforming machines and seeking reliable metal roofing materials to help them complete their projects. With the new branch, Sheffield aims to meet this need.

Demand for Quality Metal Roofing Products

Sheffield’s Acworth, Georgia, location has also been steadily growing in recent years, and the team there has been working with customers to get products as efficiently as possible. As the volume of orders continued to climb, it became clear that a new opportunity was available where many of these new orders were coming from – Florida.

With the new Plant City branch, customers in Miami, for example, will now have a more local option compared to waiting to get materials from the Acworth location. Customers will have the option to ship materials or, if more convenient, to pick up products directly from the branch.

Alignment with Company Vision

This new Plant City branch also aligns with a core value of Sheffield Metals, which is to help customers by providing them with high-quality metal roofing materials as efficiently as possible. By implementing a new branch in this area, we are reinforcing our goal of servicing our market as effectively as possible.

What Can Sheffield Metals Offer the Florida Metal Roofing Market?

Locally Stocked Metal Roofing Products

Sheffield Metals stocks everything in master coil form. We can slit coil or cut sheets to custom dimensions and stock both painted Galvalume and aluminum. Choose from our wide selection of color options, including PVDF and the new CoreLine Textured, Low-Gloss (TLG) colors.

Aside from coil and sheets, Sheffield Metals also provides a full line of metal roofing accessories, like clips, screws, sealant, butyl, rivets, and more.

Note that Sheffield Metals does not offer formed panels or trim, and does not compete with customers, such as bidding on projects.

Improved Delivery Times

Sheffield Metals can now service the whole state of Florida with efficient shipping times. For those customers looking to get their products quickly to keep jobs on track, the Plant City branch will offer the ideal location to ship or pick up the metal roofing materials they need.

Technical Help

Florida product approvals can be stringent, and for good reason – with the right materials and panels in place, you can have more confidence that your metal roof will last through harsh weather.

Sheffield Metals provides engineering and has received Florida product approvals on a variety of commercial and residential roof and wall profiles. On our website, you can find various engineered panel profiles that allow you to figure out the correct accessories and materials needed for installation.

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We also have a full technical team with vast experience in the industry that can help you find specs and answer any questions you may have about engineering or testing.

Design Assistance

Our architectural team is also available to help with design considerations for metal roofing projects. For roofs in Florida, designs are integral for longevity, so consulting with a knowledgeable design expert can be very helpful for determining the best route.

How Do I Get in Touch with the New Sheffield Metals’ Florida Branch?

With the surge in demand for metal roofs in Florida, you’ll likely also see many different options for materials and services. It’s essential to research and identify which suppliers have quality products and an excellent reputation. With the right metal roofing supplier, you can gain the products and technical guidance you need to complete projects.

Sheffield Metals International’s new Plant City branch can now service the entire state of Florida with quality metal roofing products, including coil, sheets, accessories, and technical and architectural services.

Contact our team today for more information, or click the link below to learn more about the Sheffield Metals’ Plant City branch.

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