Florida Product Approvals: Ensure Your Metal Roof Complies with FBC

Florida Building Code is one of the strictest codes in the country, and for good reason. The amount of extreme weather punishment that Florida buildings are forced to endure is enough to put even the tightest construction practices to the test. On today’s Q&A Monday, Sheffield Metals Technical Director Jeff Hock discusses requirements set forth by Florida Building Code about products used within its jurisdiction, how Sheffield Metals obtains product approvals in Florida, and how that applies to metal roofing projects.

Topics covered:

  • What is Florida Building Code? 0:18
  • Are there different types of Florida product approvals? 1:15
  • Does a Florida product approval apply to commercial and residential? 1:58
  • How can a contractor get a Florida product approval from Sheffield Metals? 2:19
  • Which of Sheffield’s panels have Florida product approval? 3:48
  • How does Sheffield get Florida product approvals? 4:27
  • How does Sheffield simplify Florida product approvals? 7:17
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