What to Know About Metal Roofing in Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma

Metal roofing is taking off in the South Central United States. Read this article to find out what the market is like in Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

What’s the metal roofing market like in the South Central United States?

Running a metal roofing business anywhere can have its obstacles. In this particular region of the country — in states like Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma — you can encounter unique projects that require an in-depth knowledge of the regional market to get right. Finding the right support can be a great way to set your project on the right track.

At Sheffield Metals International, we offer support in a variety of ways. From providing products like metal coils, sheets, clips, and fasteners, to offering educational resources in our Metal Roofing Center, to working with contractors on finding the right testing for their projects, we strive to partner with our customers to help them succeed.

In this article, we’ll examine the metal roofing market in the South Central United States, covering various aspects of this area, including:

  • What the metal roofing market is like in the South Central U.S.
  • How contractors and fabricators operate in this region
  • Where metal roofing contractors can find support in the South Central U.S.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a better understanding of metal roofing in this region and can take steps to further your knowledge and get support for your next project.

What Is the Metal Roofing Market Like in the South Central U.S.?

Residential metal roof in Texas


Weather in the South Central U.S. is constantly changing depending on the season and where you’re located. More northern regions can experience sleet, snow, high winds, and tornadoes, while regions located on the coast can experience hurricanes.

A key weather element in the South Central is hail. While metal roofs can get damaged by extreme hail, they’re still one of the strongest materials you can put on a building, as metal offers superior durability when compared to other options like shingles.

More and more, homeowners and building owners in this region are opting for metal to defend against extreme weather conditions such as hail and hurricanes.

Metal Roofing Popularity

The metal roofing market in the South Central U.S. is booming. The market here is seeing a mix of many types of projects — light residential projects, complex commercial jobs, and huge industrial buildings requiring in-depth planning and execution.

Large companies, such as Tesla and Samsung, have also moved into Texas and are opening up massive facilities, paving the way for more metal projects and boosting the economy.

On the residential side, many custom home builders are booked out all the way until 2025 and even 2026, reflecting the increased demand for metal roofing here.

Architectural Systems

2" mechanical seams standing seam metal roof

Snap-lock systems are common for residential projects in the South Central United States. They’re a solid system and easy for contractors to install, too. Fastener flange systems are also popular.

For commercial projects in this region, you’ll see a lot of 2” mechanical lock systems going up over open framing.

System choices will differ based on regional conditions. In northern Kansas, there are few trees and mostly open flatland, which creates fierce, high, straight-line winds that get up to 70 and 80 miles per hour. Winds like this can catch a roof on the underside and have the potential to rip it off a building.

In these regions, it’s essential to have a solid foundation that can withstand these conditions. Finding systems with high wind uplift ratings, such as sturdy mechanical lock or snap-lock systems, can create a solid framework that gives a metal roof the best possible chance at defending against those harsh winds.

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Materials Availability

How easy is it to get metal roofing materials in states like Texas, Kansas, and Oklahoma?

Metal roofing materials are prevalent, but as demand grows, shops are looking to grow too to keep a variety of inventory stocked and ready for distribution at all times.

With such a surge in metal roofing in this region, it’s important to find a reliable, trusted metal roofing supplier that can get the products you need efficiently.

How Do Contractors and Fabricators Operate in the South Central U.S.?

A metal roofing expert working on a rollforming machine

As the demand for metal roofing grows, so too does the number of contractors and fabricators in the region. There is no shortage of jobs and projects here, so metal roofing businesses continue to excel in the South Central U.S.

Many local manufacturers own metal shops where they’re breaking their own trim and rollforming their own panels for customers.

Metal roofing is gaining so much market share that many contractors now even have their own metal shops with rollforming equipment. Purchasing a rollformer is a significant investment, so it’s important to take a look at the number of jobs you’re doing per year to see if it would be worth it.

In the South Central U.S., there’s been a huge push for metal roofing, and those working in other roofing materials like shingles are looking to make the transition to metal.

How to Succeed in Metal Roofing in the South Central U.S.

A residential standing seam metal roof in Texas
  • Understand the region: Every region is different and will require specfic considerations so that projects are effective. Within the South Central U.S., you’ll need to narrow down your location and see what it’s like in that specific area. Those in northern Kansas, for example, will have drastically different weather than those on the coast in Louisiana. Be sure to talk with other contractors in the region about their experiences and gain insight into how the market operates there.
  • Know the product: Working in metal roofing requires in-depth knowledge to be successful. Finding information on installation best practices, testing and design considerations, and participating in training programs are all ways you can familiarize yourself with metal roofing.
  • Partner with trusted suppliers: One of the best ways to set your business up for success is to partner with a trusted metal roofing supplier in the area. The right supplier can do more than just offer you high-quality products — they can partner with you and offer the guidance and information you need to get projects done the right way.

Where Can Metal Roofing Contractors Find Support in the South Central U.S.?

Sheffield Metals has a branch located in Arlington, Texas, with direct sales through the entire South Central region. The Arlington branch is currently scaling up, increasing the shifts of production and stocking inventory to meet the demand for materials like 22, 24, and 26-gauge metal coil and sheets. The Sheffield team is made up of metal roofing experts with an in-depth understanding of the industry and the product. We have former metal roofing contractors on staff who use their experiences and their work with other operations to guide new contractors into the industry and help them succeed.

Here are some ways Sheffield Metals can help metal roofing contractors in the South Central U.S.:

  • Testing and engineering: Our technical team can help you meet requirements for projects and get you the testing you need for certain systems. We also provide free resources like our panel profile guide and coil estimation calculator.
  • Regional connections: With decades of experience in the industry, Sheffield Metals has built a network of relationships with those across the country. We can help metal roofing contractors find connections in this area to build their business.
  • Trusted materials: There are many different options available now for metal roofing materials. This is why it’s more important than ever to find a reliable provider that you can trust. At Sheffield Metals, we can give you high-quality metal coils, sheets, and accessories to help you complete your projects.

Understanding the unique intricacies of a particular metal roofing market requires the right information and the right help. A metal roofing supplier like Sheffield Metals can be just the thing to set you on the right track. Feel free to reach out to our expert team today.

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