Steel & Aluminum Metal Markets: Q4 2021 Update & 2022 Outlook

The markets for steel and aluminum remain volatile as the demand for building materials increases and companies across the United States experience labor shortages. On today’s Q&A Mondays episode, Thad Barnette is joined by Adam Mazzella from architectural metal sheet and coil supplier Sheffield Metals. Watch this video to learn about the economic factors that are driving market volatility, what consumers and businesses can potentially expect in the coming months, and the short-term and long-term impact on the construction/manufacturing industries.

Topics covered:

  • What has changed in the metal market up to this point? – 0:47
  • Will the trend of more steel mills coming online continue to ramp up? – 2:27
  • Why is aluminum still rising? – 3:53
  • Is construction still on the rise? – 5:20
  • What can home owners and building owners expect from the market? – 6:27
  • What about contractors, manufacturers, and project managers? – 7:36
  • What should architects be considering? – 8:36
  • What is the outlook for 2022? – 9:40

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