Steel Trade Actions: Section 232, Tariffs, and the U.S. Steel Industry

Today on Q&A Mondays, we address a huge topic in the U.S. metal construction industry, and now the world over. Mike Blake and Adam Mazzella join Thad Barnette to define different types of trade cases, explain what trade actions have been taken to this point, and share how the U.S. steel industry has been affected.

This video does not intend to present any political bias, make assumptions, or attempt predictions. It only aims to define certain terms and share what information is currently available on this topic.

Topics covered:
►Are the current trade controversies recent or long-standing issues? 1:09
►What does it mean when a foreign country has an unfair advantage? 1:50
►What are some examples of unfair trade? 2:33
►What is the U.S. policy on dealing with unfair advantage? 3:05
►What is Anti-Dumping? 3:38
►What is Counter-Vailing? 4:02
►What is Section 201? 4:32
►What is Section 301? 5:05
►What is Section 232? 5:32
►What is the impact of these trade actions? 6:20

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