What Is the SMI Board & Batten Metal Wall Panel? Features, Advantages, Best Uses, Installation Tips

Is the SMI Board & Batten Wall Panel right for your next metal roofing project? In this article, we take a look at this panel’s unique features and uses.

Choosing the right wall panel for your metal roofing project is essential. With the right product, you can provide your customer with high-quality aesthetics and impressive durability, ensuring that the panel you use is right for that specific location.

Sheffield Metals International (SMI) is a leading provider of metal coil and sheets and other metal roofing accessories. With an experienced sales and technical team, we’re dedicated to helping contractors, architects, fabricators, and homeowners find what they need.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Sheffield Metals’ Board & Batten metal wall panel, including:

  • Overview
  • Features (Specs, Engineering, Warranties)
  • Advantages
  • Best Uses
  • How to Install

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have a better idea of what the SMI Board & Batten metal wall panel offers and whether it’s right for your project.

SMI Board & Batten Metal Wall Panel Overview

Aerial view of a board and batten metal wall panel

The SMI Board & Batten metal wall panel merges the classic look of wooden board & batten with the impressive durability and longevity of metal. Designed for vertical wall applications, it is both easy to maintain and install, and it can fit in with a variety of residential and commercial architectural styles.

The Board & Batten Wall panel is a new addition to New Tech Machinery’s profile options for the SSQ II Roof Panel Machine. New Tech Machinery is a renowned portable metal roof and gutter rollforming machinery provider.

With the introduction of this new panel, the SSQ II is now the first portable rollforming machine capable of producing board and batten panels, and it’s also the first true residential siding profile that NTM offers. If you own an SSQ II, the SMI Board & Batten panel profile could open up a brand-new market for residential projects.

SMI Board & Batten Metal Wall Panel Features: Specs, Engineering, Warranties

Board & Batten wall panel profile graphic

Specs and Engineering

The SMI Board & Batten Wall panel uses 3 5/8” of material to form the seams, with a fastener flange and slots spaced at every 6 3/8”. It has a panel width minimum of 12” and a seam height of ¾” with materials formed from 22 and 24-gauge steel.


The Board & Batten Wall panel includes the standard Sheffield Metals 40-year warranty and Galvalume warranties. It has also been tested to ASTME 330, a standard that verifies the structural performance of exterior windows, doors, skylights, and curtain walls.

SMI Board & Batten Advantages

Residential home with board and batten

The SMI Board & Batten offers many advantages, including a sleek appearance, easy application and installation, enhanced aesthetics, and versatility.

Sleek Appearance

This panel utilizes a concealed fastener system. Concealed fastener metal panel systems feature roofs with hidden fasteners, creating a smooth, streamlined appearance. Since fasteners will not be exposed to UV, moisture, or wind as they would be on an exposed fastener system, they tend to perform better over time.

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Easy Application

The unique engineering of the SMI Board & Batten metal wall panel, with slots spaced at 6 3/8”, makes it easy to attach to building substrates. We’ll go into more detail about installing this wall panel later.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Commercial building with board and batten

The SMI Board & Batten Wall panel also features vertical lines in its design. This look can add attractive aesthetics to buildings, adding perceived height to single-story structures and offering a clean, elegant appearance.


With impressive functionality and catching aesthetics, the SMI Board & Batten metal wall panel can be utilized in both modern and contemporary designs. Sheffield Metals also offers a wide variety of color choices for this panel, from dark, neutral colors suited to a modern look, to flashier, bright colors that offer a contemporary pop. Whatever you’re looking for in your design, you’ll be able to find the right color to match. Also, feel free to utilize the Sheffield Metals color visualizer to see how a particular color would look on your metal roofing project.

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The SMI Board & Batten Wall Panel profile offers more than just enhanced aesthetics. Because of its metal attributes and concealed fastener design, it can be highly durable in multiple regions, standing up well against sunshine and harsh weather. It’s an excellent option for those looking for a classic look with impressive functionality to match.

The Board & Batten metal panel comes available in 22 and 24-gauge steel, offering a significant durability upgrade when compared to its wooden counterpart. This includes advantages such as:

  • Defense against moisture: The metal panel is highly effective against moisture, defending against common wooden material problems such as buckling, rotting, and mold.
  • Sustainability: The SMI Board & Batten Wall Panel is made from 25% recycled content, and is 100% recyclable at end of life.
  • Non-combustible: An impressive advantage of the metal panel is its durability when it comes to fire protection. The metal panel can be used as part of a fire-rated assembly.
  • Low maintenance: Compared to wood, where you have to constantly stay on top of repainting and restaining, this Board & Batten metal wall panel offers very low maintenance to keep it looking new.

Where Should You Use the SMI Board & Batten Metal Wall Panel?

Commercial building featuring board and batten panels

With its timeless look, the SMI Board & Batten metal wall panel will work for various uses. Its traditional wooden look will mesh perfectly with classic farmhouses and residential homes, while the vertical design and tested performance standards make it suitable for commercial buildings.

If you need a fully engineered wall assembly or a weathertight warranty for your commercial project, we do not recommend the SMI Board & Batten Wall panel. We do, however, offer fully engineered wall systems for these types of installations. Likewise, panels greater than 25 feet for this profile will be more prone to oil canning due to their limited ability to move with thermal expansion and contraction.

Sheffield recommends striations, ribs, or other panel structures for panels wider than 12” to mitigate oil canning.

How to Install SMI Board & Batten Metal Wall Panels

Close up of fasteners used for metal roofing installation

The SMI Board & Batten metal wall panel also offers an advantage for roofing contractors due to its ease of installation. Here are three easy steps for installing the SMI Board & Batten Wall panel.

1. Use a 10-by-1” pancake-head fastener for attachment.

2. Drive the fastener into the middle of the flange spot. Be sure not to overtighten.

3. The next panel hooks onto the raised hem over the top of the flange to conceal the fasteners.

Where Can I Learn More About the SMI Board & Batten Metal Wall Panel?

Close up of a board and batten profile

With an easy installation process, great durability, and a timeless appearance, the SMI Board & Batten metal wall panel offers a high-quality product for metal roofing projects.

At Sheffield Metals, we offer engineered standing seam metal roofing profile systems and specialize in providing painted Galvalume and aluminum sheets and coils for our customers. Our expert team is ready to help you decide which product is right for you.

For more information on the SMI Board & Batten Wall panel, feel free to contact us today using the link below.

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