What to Expect at the 2024 International Roofing Expo (IRE)

Planning on attending the 2024 International Roofing Expo (IRE)? In this article, we outline what to expect this year and how to make the most out of the experience.

The 2024 International Roofing Expo (IRE) will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, at the Las Vegas Convention Center from February 6th through February 8th.

IRE is the largest trade event in the roofing industry – leaders from all corners of the industry come together to exchange information, make connections, and collaborate together to develop future business opportunities.

At this event, you can find a wide range of experiences to make attending worthwhile, including impressive guest speakers, live roofing installation demonstrations, panels featuring leading experts in the industry, and more. Here’s what to expect at the 2024 International Roofing Expo.

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Guest Speakers

IRE features keynote speakers throughout the weekend to kick off each day. IRE 2024 will feature two keynotes:

  • Josey Parks: Man & Machine: How Artificial Intelligence is Poised to Change the Roofing Industry” – Entrepreneur and roofing contractor expert Josey Parks talks about the evolving nature of the industry and how you can harness new technology and stay resilient through change.
  • Liza Hausman: “Revolution or Evolution? The 5 Mega Consumer Trends Driving Home Improvement” – Vice President of Industry Marketing at Houzz Liza Hausman will discuss what homeowners want right now in the roofing industry and the latest trends driving designs.

Live Roofing Demonstrations

You can find live demonstrations from expert installers throughout the show floor, including building clinics for metal shingle and roofing underlayment installation.

This year, Sheffield Metals will also participate in the MCA’s roofing clinic on Tuesday and Wednesday at Booth #6748: Standing Seam Installation, featuring David Stubbs, Jason Ayres, and Andy Lesmeister. This clinic will be available at 1:15 Tuesday afternoon and 11:30 Wednesday morning, and it will give you an up-close look at best practices for standing seam metal roofing from experts in the field.

Leading Roofing Suppliers and Experts

Top suppliers and companies in the roofing industry will be scattered across the show floor, waiting for visitors. You’ll be able to check out various samples and tools from manufacturers and make one-on-one connections with sales and technical teams from companies like ABC Supply, New Tech Machinery, Sherwin-Williams, and more.

New Roofing Technology and Innovations

IRE 2024 will feature cutting-edge technology in the roofing industry. You’ll be able to find a variety of sessions focused on automation for your roofing business, along with innovative products like solar roofing. Check out New Tech Machinery’s “Innovations in Portable Rollforming” at Booth #4625.

Panel Discussions and Roofing Learning Sessions

Learn best practices for recruitment and training, find out how to get the most out of your sales processes, or hone your safety knowledge in sessions devoted specifically to addressing OSHA violations in panel discussions led by top voices in their respective fields.

Why Should You Attend IRE 2024?

If you’re still on the fence about attending IRE this year, you might be wondering how it could benefit your specific situation. Here are some reasons you might want to consider visiting IRE 2024.

First Look at the Newest Roofing Innovations

Be on the cutting edge of new roofing technologies and innovations. Attending IRE may help you discover new ways to boost your business and gain an edge over your competitors.

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Networking Opportunities

IRE offers an unparalleled opportunity to meet top names in the roofing industry and make personal connections with suppliers. This event brings together all the best players in roofing, allowing attendees easy access and the ability to network and build rapport. One conversation could end up making a significant difference for your business.

Hands-On Experience

One of the best advantages of IRE is the ability to see suppliers’ products up close. Instead of looking at materials on a screen or getting information over the phone, you can get your hands on materials to see how they react in certain light and feel their unique textures. Try out new tools and attend building clinics to see installations in action.

See Machinery Operate in Real Time

Take an inside look at all the machinery at IRE and gain a front-row seat to see how it operates. Visit booths to see machines like portable rollformers at work and talk with experts to see how they may be beneficial for your business.

Visit Sheffield Metals’ Sales and Technical Team at IRE Booth #4722 for Panel Samples, Expert Metal Roofing Insights, and More!

You can find more information about IRE 2024 at the IRE website: https://www.theroofingexpo.com/en/about.html

If you’re attending, feel free to stop by Sheffield Metals’ Booth #4722 to look at panel samples, including our brand-new CoreLine, featuring TLG Mooonstone ™. Talk with our sales team, gain insight from our technical experts, and browse our selection of metals to see if they can help your business.

Sheffield Metal is a leading provider of metal coil and sheets. With decades of experience in the industry, we understand how to provide our customers with the best materials possible for their metal roofing projects. You can contact us using the link below for more information on what we offer or how we can help your business.

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