How to Get a Metal Roof Weathertight Warranty: Procedure & Process

If you’re a commercial contractor, installer, or property owner, knowing the proper way of applying for a metal roof or wall weathertight warranty can make the process go smoother. Read the step-by-step procedure here.

The process of receiving a weathertight warranty may appear seamless to an outsider.

But for the commercial property owners, and their contractors, who are looking to obtain one, it’s essential to know the step-by-step procedures and what to expect so you can best prepare. Plus, it can help the process go a little smoother for everyone involved.

Recently, Sheffield Metals International (SMI) has put a strong emphasis on the importance of purchasing weathertight warranties for commercial metal roofing and wall projects. Not only does it act as an investment protector, but it also ensures the panel system is correctly installed according to the tested and proven manufacturer details.

Let’s get into the steps to follow when applying and obtaining a Sheffield Metals weathertight warranty.

Step #1: Submitting for a Weathertight Warranty

How to Get a Metal Roof Weathertight Warranty: Procedure & Process: Submit A Weathertight Warranty
  1. The installation contractor completely fills out the entire Weathertight Warranty Submittal Package, which can be found on the Sheffield Metals website and SMI Tech Stick.
  2. Next, gather and attach all documents outlined in the Submittal Package, this includes:
    1. Set of installation details or shop drawings (SMI details are preferred and recommended)
    2. Roof plans
    3. Specifications
    4. Elevations
  3. Send all of this information to SMI’s Technical Department (e-mail is preferred).
    1. Contact information for the Technical Department representatives can be found here.


  • Non-engineered profiles and the SMI 1.0 Fastener Flange profile are not approved for weathertight warranty applications.
  • Weathertight warranties are to be single-sourced from Sheffield Metals. This allows us as the manufacturer to guarantee the use of the specific products that we are the warranty holder for the specified period. Any product not supplied by SMI (i.e., insulation, curbs, etc.) must be approved before installation by the Technical Department.
  • For reference, our weathertight warranties require:
    • The minimum use of a synthetic and peel-and-stick underlayment combination installation (Sharkskin Ultra and Ultra SA), but most warranties require a full peel-and-stick underlayment installation (Sharkskin Ultra SA) for approval.
    • Either Novaflex Metal Roof Sealant (preferred) or APS 500 sealant use.
    • To be installed per the project engineering requirements. If there are no requirements set, the roof will be installed per minimum UL 90 uplift rating.
    • That if a penetration is too large for a pipe boot or is square, a pre-manufactured curb approved by the SMI Technical Department will need to be installed.

Step #2: Receiving & Reviewing the Submitted Document Package

After SMI’s Technical Department receives the submittal package:

  1. The entire submittal package, roof plan, elevations, specifications, and installation details will be reviewed for approval. We strongly recommend that Sheffield Metals installation details are submitted and used.
  2. If approved, a member of SMI’s Technical Department will send you a copy of the APPROVED installation details signed by SMI. Only these approved details can be used on the project and should be available at the project site at all times for reference.
    1. If the submitted details are not initially approved, we can help create solution-based details for special/unique situations.
  3. You’ll also receive an invoice for the required inspections (if required). All fees must be paid before any inspections take place.

Step # 3: Scheduling of Meetings and Project Inspections

  1. Zoom Meeting – A Zoom meeting (video conference call) will be scheduled with the supervisor of the installation contractor who will be on site for the duration of the project. During the Zoom meeting, the approved details will be discussed and confirmed, expectations will be set, and any questions will be addressed. The purpose is to open the lines of communication between Sheffield Metals and the installation company.
    1. This meeting is mandatory and will be required to occur before the project starts.
    2. The meeting is recorded, which means that the video will be available for the customer to reference in the future.
  2. Pre-Panel Inspection – A representative from the SMI Technical Department will come out and inspect the dry-in, go over the installation details, and approve product usage. The Zoom meeting is often used in place of pre-panel inspections, which is determined at the discretion of the Technical Department.
  3. In-Progress Inspection – In-progress inspections are to be conducted when the roof is close to half completed and ensures the installation is going forward according to the agreed upon details.
  4. Final – The final inspection is to be conducted after the roof is 100% completed and makes sure everything is installed per the approved details.


  • The number of required inspections is based on the project size, year length, and type of weathertight warranty.
  • All inspections are to be scheduled at least three (3) weeks in advance so our inspectors can plan ahead in an adequate amount of time.
  • Necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) must be supplied by the installation contractor.
  • If a re-inspection is required due to deficiencies after the final inspection is completed, there will be additional costs.

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Step #4: Signing of Documents & Fee Payments for Weathertight Warranty

After the project is completed and all of the requirements have been met:

  1. The SMI Technical Department will send the installer:
    1. The weathertight warranty documents.
    2. An invoice for the weathertight warranty fee.

After the installation contractor receives the weathertight warranty paperwork:

  2. Next, they will need to print three (3) copies of the weathertight warranty paperwork.
  3. The installation contractor and building owner are required to sign the last page on all three copies of the printed weathertight warranty documents.
  4. Return all three signed copies of the warranty to SMI’s Technical Department. All of the return contact information can be found on the warranty document as well as the Weathertight Warranty Submittal Package.
  5. Payment should be mailed per the instructions on the invoice.

 OR (preferable/easier option)

  2. Email the document around to have the installation contractor and building owner sign and scan one copy of the weathertight warranty.
  3. Email a clean scan with all required signatures to SMI’s Technical Department. Scans that are non-legible will not be accepted.
  4. Payment should be mailed per the instructions on the invoice.

Once the paperwork is received by the Technical Department:

  1. Sheffield Metals will review the weathertight warranty documents for completeness.
  2. Then, SMI will verify that the payment based on the invoice has been made.
  3. Next, the SMI Technical Department will sign off on all copies of the warranty.
  4. The SMI Technical Department will keep one of the copies of the weathertight warranty for their records, and the remaining two copies of the warranty will be returned to the installation contractor, or a completed copy will be emailed if sent electronically.

Step #5: Ensure All Parties Have Warranty Documents

Once the installation contractor receives the warranty documents from Sheffield’s Technical Department:

  1. The installer will keep one signed copy for their records.
  2. The other copy will be sent to the property owner for their records.

5 Things to Remember During the Weathertight Warranty Process

#1: Communication is key

How to Get a Metal Roof Weathertight Warranty: Procedure & Process: Communication

One of the biggest obstacles we run into during the weathertight warranty application and installation process is a lack of communication from the installation contractor. It’s vital that there is a consistent dialogue between Sheffield Metals and the contractor installing the roof, especially if any problems arise or questions regarding the installation details come up. That way we can catch any deviations from the bid set of plans or installation problems with the metal roof or wall system before it’s too late. Our best advice is to keep the line of communication open and give regular project progress updates to representatives in the SMI Technical Department.

#2: Be aware of timing

Being on top of scheduling during the weathertight warranty process will ensure all of the steps are completed, not rushed, and done with the utmost care. For example, here are a couple timing issues we’ve run into in the past:

  • The warranty is applied for after the installation has already begun – Weathertight warranties cannot be requested if any work has been done to install the metal roof or wall at the time of submittal. We require the details and project drawings to be approved by SMI’s Technical Department before any part of the project is installed.
  • The warranty is applied for after the installation is complete – Sheffield Metals has to be involved from the beginning before anything is installed, even if it’s been completed according to our details.
  • Rush inspections are requested by the installation contractor – As mentioned, we require all inspections to be scheduled at least three weeks in advance, which gives our inspectors ample time to make travel accommodations.

#3: Our approved products are a requirement

The recommended/approved products listed above in step #1 are installation requirements needed to obtain a weathertight warranty. Substitutions are rarely accepted, as we have tested these specific products for use in our warranties.

#4: Send weathertight warranty fees to the correct address

When sending in weathertight warranty fees, ensure the payment is sent to the address listed on the invoice. In the past, we’ve had fee payments mailed to our corporate offices, which is not the correct return location.

#5: Ensure the process is complete

One of the most common issues is that the Weathertight Warranty Submittal Package is not completely filled out or has missing information. Before submitting, ensure that all fields on the form are filled out with the correct information so we can review the application and get started on scheduling meetings and inspections.

We’ve also had customers who pay the invoice but don’t send back any signed documents to the SMI Technical Department. To fully finish the process, all copies of the documents are required to be signed by the installation contractor and the property owner and then sent to Sheffield Metals to sign off on.

Final Thoughts on Metal Roof Weathertight Warranty Procedures

How to Get a Metal Roof Weathertight Warranty: Procedure & Process: Final Thoughts
Photo courtesy of David Stubbs, SMI Assistant Technical Director.

The process of receiving a weathertight warranty isn’t too complicated. However, it’s worth doing your due diligence to ensure all of the information is provided in a timely and complete manner.

Beyond that, don’t sweat the installation. After all, it’s a metal roof that is installed using industry standard details that you’ve likely got plenty of experience with already.

Keep in mind:

  • Always ensure the Weathertight Warranty Submittal Package is sent in before ANY installation work has been done.
  • Inspections are a required part of the weathertight warranty acquisition process. The number of inspections will vary depending on the size of the project, the installing company, year length, and type of warranty.
  • Make sure to have all parties have signed all copies of the weathertight warranty documents.
  • If you’re an installation contractor, know that Sheffield Metals is available to assist at any point during the installation.

At Sheffield Metals, we recommend weathertight warranties for the metal roof or wall system on any architectural, commercial, or industrial building. We’ve even gone as far as to expand our Technical Department to accommodate the rising interest and importance of weathertight warranties.

To discuss your warranty options for your upcoming project with one of our technical experts, please contact Sheffield Metals today.

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