What is Metal Roof Testing and How Do You Know if You Need It?

What is metal roof testing and engineering and how does it apply to your installation?

Metal roof testing ensures the product that’s being installed meets all the requirements of the project dictated by location, assembly design, local codes, and architect specifications. Today on The Metal Roofing Channel, Jeff Hock from the Sheffield Metals Technical department joins Thad Barnette to explain what testing is, how it compares to engineering, and why it’s important.

Topics covered:

  • What is metal roof testing? – 0:27
  • What does testing and engineering actually mean? – 1:08
  • What are the typical testing requirements for new buildings? – 2:20
  • How can you know what testing you need on your current project? – 4:38
  • Who will tell you that testing needs to be done? – 5:48
  • Who is responsible for performing tests? – 7:06
  • Who needs to know the testing information? – 9:44
  • Why is engineering important? – 11:03
  • What makes a panel profile engineered? – 12:10

See metal roof testing in action here.

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