Metal Roof Weather Testing (Wind Uplift and Water Penetration)

Today, Thad Barnette travels to Intertek laboratories in West Palm Beach, Florida, to learn about extreme weather testing for metal roofing. Jeff Hock and Dave Stubbs are members of the Sheffield Metals technical department, and they lead the construction of the test decks and oversee the testing applications.

If you’ve heard the term UL 90 before and weren’t sure how it fits into engineering, check out the first half of this video where the team takes a roof deck to UL 90 and beyond.

Topics covered:
►UL 580 Wind Uplift Testing 1:21
►ASTM E1646 Water Penetration Testing 5:18

Correction of statement at 3:15 – The total length of time for the phases within the testing classes are timed to 80 minutes, not 120 minutes.

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