2022 Most Popular Metal Roofing & Metal Wall Colors

What metal roofing and metal wall colors are most popular in 2022?

Local architecture, other materials used in the construction of your home or building, and personal design tastes all play a role in deciding which color is best for your metal roof or wall system. Today on The Metal Roofing Channel, Thad Barnette explores the most popular metal roofing colors of 2022 based on data from the metal roofing manufacturer Sheffield Metals, as well as Sherwin-Williams’s 2022 color trend report and their most recent Color of the Year.

Topics covered:

  • Matte Black – 0:50
  • Grays and Charcoal Gray – 2:10
  • Metal – 2:43
  • Regal White – 3:16
  • Sherwin-Williams 2022 color of the year – 3:45
  • Tips to help you choose the best metal roof or wall color – 4:37

See Matt Risinger’s modern farmhouse look in our collaboration video.

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