SMI WAV Wall Panel: Features, Advantages, Installation

The SMI WAV Wall Panel is a great choice for contemporary commercial projects. Learn more about this panel profile in the latest article from Sheffield Metals.

With so many panel profiles to choose from, you could be looking for an easier way to determine what each product offers and if it’s right for your specific needs. Whether you’re a metal roofing contractor, an architect, or a homeowner looking to get details on the products you’re dealing with, it can be helpful to gain some insight into the various types of panel profiles, including the SMI WAV Wall Panel.

Sheffield Metals International (SMI) is a leading distributor of metal coil and sheets. We have multiple locations throughout the United States and strive to give our customers the best possible service. We understand how important it is to find reliable, trusted products — that’s why we provide articles like these to go into detail about all of the specifics.

In this article, we’ll look at the SMI WAV Wall Panel, covering its various characteristics, including:

  • Specs (Engineering, testing, warranties)
  • Advantages
  • Installation tips

SMI WAV Wall Panel Overview

SMI WAV Wall Panel graphic

An excellent choice for contemporary designs and commercial applications, the SMI WAV Wall Panel is growing in popularity in the architectural industry. It can be installed vertically or horizontally and formed from 22 or 24-gauge steel. It features a 7/8” rib height.

This panel comes in two versions — the WAV-16-4F and the WAV-16-4C.

SMI WAV Wall Panel: 16-4-F and 16-4C

Thad holding the SMI WAV Wall Panel for the camera


This panel utilizes a 24” wide stretch out for a finished panel width of 16”. The WAV-16-4F is similar to a fastener flange but without pre-punched slots. Because of this, Sheffield Metals recommends panel lengths stay at 25’ or less. If your project requires longer panel runs, you may want to consider the WAV-16-4C.


The WAV-16-4C uses a 22 – ¼” wide stretch out for the same finished width of 16”. This panel uses a clip system that allows for thermal expansion and contraction, creating an advantage over the WAV-16-4F.

Thad holding a clip for the WAV Wall Panel to the camera

SMI WAV Wall Panel Engineering, Testing, and Warranties


Sheffield Metals only carries engineering on the WAV-16-4F and the WAV-16-4C profiles in 24-gauge and 22-gauge steel.

The SMI WAV Wall Panels are also the only set of Sheffield Metals profiles with a dedicated machine to rollform them — New Tech Machinery’s WAV Wall Panel Machine. Other panels can be rollformed with the SSQ II MultiPro or another New Tech Machinery rollforming machine.

New Tech Machinery's WAV Wall Panel machine

The WAV Wall Panel Machine supports six different WAV profiles, including two 16” profiles, the WAV-16-4F and the WAV-16-4C, with four ribs compatible with 22 and 24-gauge grade 50 steel. It also is compatible with 0.032 and 0.040 aluminum.

Additionally, it offers two 12” profiles and two 8” profiles, each with one rib designed for 24-gauge and 22-gauge steel.

Aluminum is not recommended for the 12” and 8” profiles.


Both the WAV-16-4F and the WAV-16-4C have been tested according to ASTM E 330, ASTM E 283, and ASTM E 331 standards. This testing ensures that the panels will defend well against a variety of environmental conditions.


Sheffield Metals offers the standard 40-year PVDF paint warranties and Galvalume warranties for the SMI WAV Wall Panel.

Note that the SMI WAV Wall Panels are currently not eligible for Sheffield Metals’ weathertight warranties.

SMI WAV Wall Panel Advantages

Contemporary Appearance

A commercial building featuring WAV Wall Panels

One of the best advantages of the SMI WAV Wall Panel is its aesthetics. It’s an excellent choice for those seeking a contemporary, modern appearance with added texture. The finished look of this panel installation will give personality to a structure and is suited well for commercial and upscale residential buildings.

Various Options

As discussed in this article, the SMI WAV Wall Panel also comes available in various options, which means you can find the right product for you and tailor it to your unique project. This flexibility allows you to attain the design you’re looking for without sacrificing structural integrity. 

Steel Thickness

Thad holding a green WAV Wall Panel

You can get the SMI WAV Wall Panel in 22 or 24-gauge steel. This level of steel thickness provides impressive durability for projects, including added benefits such as:

  • Defense against oil canning: The rigidity of thicker steels like 24-gauge makes it less susceptible to oil canning.
  • Wide selection of color options: Sheffield Metals offers a full line of colors for 24-gauge metal, allowing customers to create the aesthetic they want in their designs.
  • Longevity: Thicker steel options are also more resistant to weather damage and harsher environmental effects, making them more likely to last far into the future.

SMI WAV Wall Panel Installation

Installing the WAV Wall Panel

Installation may differ somewhat depending on the version of your SMI WAV Wall Panel. Both panels use a #10-16X1” self-drilling fastener and are installed over 18-gauge hat channels, spaced up to 4’ on center.

Looking to Use the SMI WAV Wall Panel in Your Next Design?

A gray commercial building with WAV Wall Panels

With the right information, you can choose the correct wall panel for your situation and be confident in the durability of your next metal roofing project. In this article, we’ve covered all the specifics of the SMI WAV Wall Panel, including its features, advantages, and installation.

If you’re interested in using the SMI WAV Wall Panel for your next project or want to know more about this product, feel free to contact Sheffield Metals for additional information.  

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