A Contractor’s Guide to Metal Roofing in the Midwest

How do metal roofing contractors operate in the Midwest? In this article, we’ll look at what factors impact the market in this region and how to succeed.

Getting to Know the Metal Roofing Market in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio, and Wisconsin

What’s the metal roofing market like in the American Midwest?

In the heartland of the United States — everywhere from the Dakotas to Nebraska, Iowa, Michigan, and eastward through Virginia, Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio, contractors are finding new ways to fulfill customer needs and grow their businesses. The success of contractors in this region starts with an intimate knowledge of the area, including unique aspects such as weather, popular architectural styles, and how to find support before, during, and after installations.

Sheffield Metals International (SMI) is a leading provider of bare and coated metal coils and sheets. We’ve worked with countless metal roofing contractors, architects, and building owners, and have developed lasting relationships in the industry that give us a unique perspective on what drives success in certain regions. Our expert, in-house Technical and Architectural teams bring years of experience and knowledge that we can offer others through consultations and weekly content.

In this article, we’ll discuss the metal roofing market in the Midwest, including:

  • Unique weather, architectural styles, and access to metal roofing materials in the Midwest
  • How metal roofing contractors and fabricators operate in the Midwest
  • How contractors can find support in the Midwest
  • Tips for succeeding as a metal roofing contractor in the Midwest

By the time you’re done reading, you should have a better understanding of the metal roofing market in the Midwest.

What Is the Metal Roofing Market Like in the Midwest?

A pavilion with a metal roof in the Midwest.

As is reflected in the rest of the country, the American Midwest continues to see more and more demand for metal roofs. Customers from many different areas — from farmhouses to bustling downtowns — are choosing metal for their homes and buildings. Qualified contractors are booked with projects, and there is a demand for skilled, reliable metal roofing installers.

Here are some other factors to consider regarding metal roofing in the Midwest.


The American Midwest sees a full spectrum of weather, and, depending on the specific region, temperatures could drop into the negatives during winter and soar into the high nineties during midsummer. Strong winds, forceful rains, and accumulating snow are all common throughout the year.

Harsh weather is a fact of life in the American Midwest, which means roofs must be constructed with intention and an understanding of how to withstand whatever nature throws at them. This means you’ll likely need to find panels that have been tested for wind uplift resistance, hail resistance, and any other requirements as specified by local code.

For projects in areas that receive heavy snowfall, a snow-shedding or retention system might be advisable, as these can help dispose of snow safely, without injury to occupants walking underneath. Likewise, using an ice and water shield underlayment can help protect a roof from ice damage.

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Architectural Styles

Nail flange, snap-lock, and mechanical seam systems are all prevalent in the Midwest. Because of the temperature fluctuations in this region, it’s important to have a roof system that can expand and contract. Clip systems can help allow for thermal movement.

The majority of materials used are steel, although aluminum is used near the coastlines on beachfront houses and buildings. Many roofs are also designed at steeper slopes to account for snow loads in this region. Specific aesthetic styles will range widely in this sprawling area, from the colonial styles of Virginia to the classic farmhouses in Ohio.

Materials Availability

The availability of metal roofing materials in the Midwest has remained steady in recent years. Significant delays are fairly rare. Price variations have shifted, but access to quality materials has held solid.

Contractor and Fabricator Operations

One of the key pain points in the Midwest, and in the metal roofing industry broadly, is finding skilled installers and fabricators to keep up with the demand for new projects. While materials and machines are available, the challenge can be finding those workers you can trust to do a great job on your project. Finding the right local support in your region can be an effective way to network and find qualified installers.

How to Succeed as a Metal Roofing Contractor in the Midwest

A winery featuring a matte black metal roof in Ohio

1. Understand Technical Details and Match it to the Region

Metal roofing is full of complexity. From understanding different systems to installing specific details, there’s a lot to keep in mind. Once you have a good grasp of the technical information of metal roofing, you must also apply it to your specific application.

Because the Midwest often sees harsh weather, it’s essential to match that technical understanding to the unique region you’re working in. This could mean opting for a specific system to defend against wind uplifts, designing a particular pitch to combat snow loads, or choosing a paint system that will withstand varying climates.

2. Vet Your Supplier

As the metal roofing industry continues to grow, so too will the number of suppliers you have to choose from. This makes it even more important to take your time and vet potential suppliers to ensure they have the reliability and quality you’re looking for. You want to use a product that you’re proud of, after all, and one that will meet your customer’s expectations. Your supplier should be responsive and stand behind the warranties of their products.

3. Seek Out Support

A significant amount of a contractor’s success in any region depends on the support they can find. Your business relies on a variety of factors, after all, including the materials you use, the installers you find, and how you find jobs in the area. By finding the proper help in the area, you can set your business on the right track and continue to thrive.

How Can Metal Roofing Contractors Find Support in the Midwest?

A metal roofing industry expert explaining a document

So, where do you start to find the right support for metal roofing in the Midwest?

Sheffield Metals has a manufacturing and distribution center in Sheffield Village on the west side of Cleveland that ships to the whole region. Aside from providing quality metal roofing materials, we’re committed to developing genuine relationships with our customers and helping them build their businesses. We can connect you with qualified regional workers and help you grow your local network.

Our Technical team is available for assistance, along with our Architectural team, who can provide design help. Check out the Metal Roofing Channel and our Learning Center for content on various topics related to metal roofing.

Our sales team is ready to help you find the materials you need or point you in the right direction. Feel free to reach out today.

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