Should You Use Perforated Z-Closures to Vent a Metal Roof?

Should you use perforated z-closures to vent a standing seam metal roof or are there different details that are preferred?

Perforated z-closures on a ridge or hip are a common way to vent a standing seam metal roof, but is it the best way? In today’s Q&A Monday, Jeff Hock and Jason Ayres from the Sheffield Metals Technical department join Thad Barnette to define what perforated z-closures are, explain how they’re typically used on a metal roof installation, and explore some other vented ridge/hip details that could be a better choice.

Topics covered:

  • What does Sheffield recommend for perforated z-closures? – 1:44
  • What other options exist for perforating a z-closure? – 2:41
  • What other factors should be considered for perforated z-closures? – 6:30
  • How is the Cor-A-Vent V-600® different from a perforated z-closure? – 8:33

Learn how to install a vented ridge detail on a standing seam metal roof using Cor-A-Vent.