Why Is Sheffield Metals Expanding into Florida? New Plant City Branch

Sheffield Metals has expanded their operations into Florida by opening a new, full-service location in Plant City near Tampa. In this week’s Q&A Monday, Ryan Osterhoudt from the Sheffield Metals Sales team joins Thad Barnette to discuss why Sheffield is moving further into the Southeast, what range of products customers can expect to find at the new branch, and how Florida projects are supported through Sheffield’s engineering program.

Topics covered:

  • Why is Sheffield moving into the Florida market? 0:24
  • Why has metal roofing gained popularity in Florida? 1:29
  • Does Sheffield Metals in Plant City offer customer pickup? 2:02
  • What else does Sheffield Metals offer in addition to sheet and coil? 2:43
  • Why is it important that Sheffield does not compete with their customers? 3:06
  • How does Sheffield’s engineering help support contractors? 3:27
  • What should a customer know about Sheffield Metals Plant City? 3:54

Contact the Sheffield Metals Plant City branch.

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