What is TLG Moonstone™? New Sheffield Metals Textured Low-Gloss Color

What is TLG Moonstone™ and what was the inspiration behind creating the new color?

TLG Moonstone™ is a brand-new color from Sheffield Metals released as part of the textured low-gloss PVDF CoreLine collection. It features a metallic gray shade with a shimmery finish, perfect for homes, restaurants, retail stores, dealerships, and many other structures. On today’s Q&A Monday, Adam Mazzella from Sheffield Metals joins Thad Barnette to describe the color and qualities of TLG Moonstone™, the inspiration behind its creation, its availability and cost, and more.

Topics covered:

► Intro 00:00

► Why did Sheffield create an entirely new color? 02:15

► What building applications could TLG Moonstone™ be used for? 03:21

► What kind of availability will Sheffield have for TLG Moonstone™? 04:56

► Is there touchup paint for the CoreLine colors? 05:44

► How would you describe the TLG Moonstone™ color? 06:13

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