What Is Galvalume® Steel and How Is it Used for Metal Roofing?

What is Galvalume® steel and is it a good choice for my metal roofing project?

Galvalume® is coated steel that has grown in popularity over the last several decades in the architectural metals industry because of its cost-effectiveness and excellent corrosion resistance, but is it the right material for your roof? In today’s Q&A Monday, Jeff Hock and Adam Mazzella from Sheffield Metals join Thad Barnette to explain what Galvalume® is, what applications can use Galvalume®, and what types of projects should consider a different material.

Topics covered:

  • What is Galvalume®? – 0:48
  • Why are steel products coated? – 1:40
  • How has Galvalume® entered the market and how is it currently used in metal roofing? – 2:28
  • What are the pros of using Galvalume®? – 4:34
  • What are the cons of using Galvalume®? – 5:43
  • What else should you consider when using Galvalume®? – 8:05

Learn the difference between Galvalume® and galvanized steel.

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