What Does Sheffield Metals Do?

At Sheffield Metals, we are dedicated to providing architects, installers, and homeowners with the complete package — quality products, expertise, and continued support. We offer a one-stop shopping experience for our customers by stocking more than 50 colors of Kynar® and SMP coated metal sheet and coil, while also carrying a full line of metal roof accessories, equipment, and components.

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►What does Sheffield do? 0:16
►What else besides sheet and coil do you sell? 0:46
►What kind of metal do you sell? 1:22
►Do you make panels? 1:41
►When you talk about your “program”, what does that mean? 2:05
►Where do you ship from? 2:55
►Where does New Tech Machinery fit in with Sheffield? 3:29
►What type of weathertight warranties do you offer? 3:57
►How do I become a certified manufacturer? 4:25
►How do I become a certified installer? 4:44

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