What Are Weathertight Warranties for Metal Roofing?

Sheffield Metals technical director, Jeff Hock, answers common questions about weathertight warranties. Not only do they give piece of mind to an end-user, warranties ensure that manufacturers and installers alike stand behind their products. Keep in mind that some of the information discussed is specific to Sheffield Metals weathertight warranties.

Topics covered:
►What types of buildings can be warranted? 0:32
►What is covered in a weathertight warranty? 1:01
►What should I do if I’m interested in a weathertight warranty? 1:50
►Are there inspections involved? 2:33
►Can I get a weathertight warranty after installation? 3:10
►Who do I contact if there’s a problem? 3:36
►How do I apply for a weathertight warranty? 4:02

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