Common Problems During Weathertight Warranty Procedures

Not only do they give piece of mind to an end user, warranties ensure that manufacturers and installers alike stand behind their products. Today on Q&A Mondays, Thad talks with Jeff and Dave of the Sheffield Metals technical department about some common problems that can occur during a weathertight warranty procedure. From communication, to using approved products, this video is a must-watch if you install weathertight warranties with any manufacturer.

Topics covered:
►What communication challenges occur with weathertight warranties? 0:56
►Who should be the warranty company’s point of contact? 3:09
►What problems are typically seen with warranty paperwork? 3:56
►What can happen if an installer uses an unapproved product? 6:11
►Why did Sheffield choose their specific approved products? 7:04
►What can happen if the install crew is inexperienced? 8:26
►How does an installer know they are ready to do a weathertight warranty project? 10:41
►What problems are seen at job sites? 11:50
►What problems are seen during inspections and the closeout phase? 15:55
►What are some wrong assumptions made about weathertight warranties? 20:19
►Does Sheffield provide weathertight warranties for residential projects? 21:49

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