How Does UL 90 Translate to Wind Speed? Uplifts in the Real World

Thad and Adam are back with Jeff Hock on Q&A Mondays to discuss metal roof engineering procedures and how they relate to the real world. Based on testing, how does UL 90 correlate to wind speed?

This is a common question, and today we take a look at what uplift testing is, what the numbers mean, and what you need to know in relation to your specific building and environment.

Topics covered:
►What is UL 90 and what are the procedures? 0:59
►How do these numbers translate to the real world? 2:19
►How does PSF relate to uplifts and wind speeds? 2:56
►How do you know that your system will work in your area? 5:22
►What does an installer need to do differently to adhere to testing? 6:44
►Where can someone get Sheffield’s engineering info? 9:10
►If a system doesn’t pass UL 90, does that mean it’s a bad system? 11:03
►What is beyond the UL 90 test level? 11:57
►What other testing standards are available? 13:09
►How are UL construction numbers different from actual testing?15:19

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