What is the Texas Department of Insurance? Approvals & Engineering

What is the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), what locations does it govern, and how do you follow its rules for metal roofing projects in Texas?

The Texas Department of Insurance sets strict requirements on building products and installation methods throughout Texas. In today’s Q&A Monday, Doug Markle from Sheffield Metals explains who TDI is, what locations are governed by TDI, what types of standards and guidelines they’ve set for metal roofing, how you can follow their rules as an installer, and more.

Topics covered:

  • What is Texas Department of Insurance? – 1:05
  • What does TDI govern for standing seam installation? – 1:37
  • Do TDI requirements impact all of Texas? – 2:30
  • What does TDI require for engineering? – 2:59
  • Do installers have to use products that meet TDI code requirements in wind storm areas? – 4:00
  • How do installers in wind storm areas follow TDI rules? – 5:09
  • Can Sheffield help with the approval process when using their products? – 5:51
  • Should home or building owners check with their contractors about approvals? – 7:25

Get help with TDI approvals for your projects from Sheffield Metals.