Sheffield Metals Tech Stick V3 Update Walk-Through

What is the Sheffield Metals Tech Stick, how is it helpful for contractors, architects, and homeowners, and what’s new in the version 3 update?

The Sheffield Metals Tech Stick puts all of the SMI panel profile information right at your fingertips. Everything from engineering reports, to submittal information, to helpful calculators is available in an easy-to-navigate offline format. Today on the Metal Roofing Channel, Jeff Hock from the Sheffield Metals Technical department details the new and updated information in the version three release.

Topics covered:

  • What is the Sheffield Metals Tech Stick? 0:10
  • What is new in the V3 update? 2:00
  • How do you get an SMI Tech Stick? 4:02

Order your SMI Tech Stick for free here.

Watch the full Tech Stick walk-through here.

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