How to Switch From Shingle Roofing to Metal Roofing Installation

Metal roofing continues to gain popularity every year, and adding metal to your product line can open up a growing market for your business that can be very lucrative. In this video, Stephen Davis from Sheffield Metals joins Thad Barnette to discuss how to sell your first metal roofing job, key tips to ensure a successful first installation, and the best way to incorporate metal into your portfolio sustainably.

Topics covered:

  • What should you consider before switching from installing shingles to metal? 00:50
  • How would a contractor build their initial portfolio with standing seam? 02:23
  • How do you sell your first metal roofing job? 03:31
  • How should you prepare for your first installation? 04:40
  • How should you incorporate metal into your offerings long term? 05:54
  • How do you train your sales team on metal roofing? 07:28
  • What mistakes can be made when making the switch? 08:11
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