Steel Market Pricing Update Q1 2023 Review: Steel Dynamics

Paul Navetta from Steel Dynamics looks at what the steel market has experienced through the beginning of 2023.

What is the outlook of steel in the construction and manufacturing industries through the beginning of 2023? On today’s Q&A Mondays episode, Thad Barnette is joined by Brett Muckle of architectural metal sheet and coil supplier Sheffield Metals and Paul Navetta of Steel Dynamics, Inc. (SDI).

Watch this video to learn how steel prices have changed through the first quarter of 2023, what construction demand may look like as we enter the spring season, and how SDI’s steelmaking uses cutting-edge technology to improve efficiency and reduce the environmental impact.

Topics covered:

  • What has the steel market been like in the last quarter? 0:46
  • What are the lead times for steel service centers? 1:29
  • What do steel service center lead times say about the state of the market? 2:25
  • What are other indicators a steel customer could look at to judge the marketplace? 2:48
  • What are possible metal construction trends in the next quarter? 3:22
  • How does Steel Dynamics contribute to the metal market? 4:18
  • Why is it important to diversify suppliers? 5:23
  • What should steel consumers consider for the next quarter? 5:49

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