Sheffield Metals Shipping & Receiving 101: Freight Considerations

What types of freight options does Sheffield Metals offer and how should you prepare to receive your metal order?

Understanding the shipping process for your Sheffield Metals order can be overwhelming at first glance, but luckily your Account Manager, the SMI Production team, and the Inside Sales team all work with a dedicated Freight Coordinator at each location to ensure your order is shipped safely and in a timely manner.

Today on The Metal Roofing Channel, Kimara Fisher and Mike Marsh from Sheffield Metals join Thad Barnette to explain everything you need to know about the SMI shipping process from start to finish.

Topics covered:

  • What’s the shipping process like for Sheffield Metals? – 0:20
  • What are the different shipping options and what do they mean? – 0:46
  • What are the typical lead times for Sheffield products? – 2:52
  • Who does the shipping for Sheffield Metals? – 3:30
  • What should customers do when receiving products? – 5:03
  • What does Sheffield do before shipment to protect the material? – 7:30
  • How does Sheffield communicate during shipping? – 9:00
  • What types of challenges and risks can happen during shipping? – 10:15
  • How does Sheffield handle a change to shipping requirements or schedule? – 10:58
  • What kind of shipping options are there for accessories? – 14:04

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