Why Does Sheffield Metals Use Triangle Fastener Products?

Installing high quality screws and rivets with your metal roofing system is an important step in ensuring the longevity of the assembly. Using inferior accessories could jeopardize the performance of your installation. Today on Q&A Mondays, Thad talks with Ryan Thome of Sheffield Metals and Ed Sabre of Triangle Fastener Corporation about why SMI tested all of their engineered systems using Triangle Fastener products, and why they’re the fastener of choice when supplying metal roofing installers.

Topics covered:
►How does Sheffield and Triangle Fastener work together? 0:39
►Who is Triangle Fastener Corporation? 1:24
►What Triangle products does Sheffield use? 1:49
►How does Triangle paint screws? 2:10
►How does Triangle help SMI be a one-stop-shop? 2:52
►What quality control steps are in place with Triangle’s products? 3:47
►How do Triangle’s products fit into SMI’s engineering? 4:14
►How do Triangle’s locations service SMI’s locations? 4:52
►How is SMI and Triangle’s relationship streamlined? 5:46
►How does Triangle help in training SMI employees? 6:38

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