How Do I Get Service on My New Tech Machinery Rollformer?

Understanding how your metal panel rollforming machine or seamless gutter machine is maintained, operated properly, and adjusted correctly is important in getting the longest life out of your machine and producing the highest quality product possible. On today’s Q&A Mondays episode, Adam Mazzella from Sheffield Metals and Ben Bradley from New Tech Machinery join Thad to talk about the New Tech Machinery service department. They explain how the NTM service department works with machine owners to troubleshoot problems over the phone, provides training on new and existing machines, and keeps panels rolling on jobsites across the world.

Topics covered:

  • What does the NTM Service Department do? 1:25​
  • Where should someone go first to get help with their machine? 2:55​
  • How does Sheffield work with service and when should you contact NTM? 6:25​
  • Does NTM have a stock of parts when parts are needed? 9:50​
  • Can NTM still work on older machines? 10:56​
  • Does NTM do warranty work after purchase? 12:11​
  • When does NTM start charging for service outside of a warranty period? 12:59​
  • What’s the process for initiating a service call at NTM? 14:23​
  • Does NTM offer training and what is it like? 15:25​

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