Roofing Ventilation Product Options, Best Practices, & Assembly Design

Why is roof ventilation important and what options are there to choose from when it comes to assembly design and venting products?

Ventilation for your roofing system is a tried and true method of reducing the harmful effects of condensation, ice damming, and more. In today’s Q&A Monday, Jeff Hock from Sheffield Metals joins Thad Barnette to explain what ventilation is, why it’s important, and what product options and assembly designs exist for different types of building construction.

Topics covered:

  • What is ventilation and why is it important? – 0:43
  • What are options for venting in a conditioned attic? – 3:55
  • Why is it important to use above sheathing ventilation if you don’t have an attic? – 4:36
  • Does venting help in colder climates? – 5:33
  • What products are available for above sheathing ventilation? – 6:24
  • What are the pros and cons of different ventilation systems? – 9:25

Matt Risinger on conditioned vs. unconditioned attic assemblies.

Todd Miller on condensation and metal roofing.

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