Repainting vs. Replacing Your Metal Roof: From a Restoration Pro

What should you choose for your aging metal roof — a surface repaint or a full roof replacement? In this video, Chris from Edge Façade Restoration joins Thad Barnette to discuss how to determine if a roof can be saved by repainting, the cost difference between replacing and repainting, and how long you can extend your existing roof’s service life.

Topics covered:

► Intro 00:00

► When should you replace or repaint a metal roof? 0:30

► Does surface rust affect the repainting of a metal roof? 2:13

► Who should determine if a metal roof needs replacement? 3:09

► What’s the cost for repainting vs. replacing a metal roof? 3:48

► Can a metal roof renewal extend its service life? 5:09

► What do new metal roofs need for a color change? 6:12

► How will the paint warranty change when repainting a metal roof? 7:44

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