Product Substitutions: Side-by-Side Comparison Definition and Examples

What is a side-by-side comparison and how do you use it to support a product substitution request on an architecturally specified project?

If a product specified by an architect is unavailable, too costly, or is the wrong product for the application, you may be able to submit a product substitution request with your bid. A helpful tool you can use to support your request is a side-by-side comparison. Today on the Metal Roofing Channel, Thad Barnette explains what a side-by-side comparison is, what information should be included, who can help you create one, and how to use it for your project bid.

Topics covered:

  • Product vs. product side-by-side – 2:19
  • Product vs. project side-by-side – 2:50
  • Side-by-side comparison chart example – 3:15

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