How to Install a Pre-Manufactured Curb on a Metal Roof

Today on The Metal Roofing Channel, Thad is in Denver, CO with Dave Stubbs and Jason Ayres. They use a scale model roof deck to demonstrate how to install the Sheffield Metals curb detail using a custom manufactured curb. They cover rib layout, panel measurement, sealant prep, and tips and tricks to help you install efficiently and safely.

Always remember:
Install fasteners straight and perpendicular to the roof surface.
Ensure all swarf is cleaned off during and after installation.

Roof Products, Inc. manufactures a complete line of roof curbs, expansion joints, equipment supports, adapters, or any type of penetration for new or retrofit projects plus supplies skylights, smoke vents, and roof hatches. Check out RPI Curbs here for all of your prefabricated curb needs.

The WUKO bender is a great option to help you start the hemming process. Learn more here.

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