OSB vs. Plywood: Which Should You Choose for Your Roof Deck?

Oriented strand board (OSB) and plywood are both popular choices for roof decking, but what are the differences? On today’s Q&A Mondays episode, Jeff Hock joins Thad to discuss differences in price, strength, durability, and overall performance between the two. They also cover how material thickness affects pull-out value of the system’s fasteners as well as additional engineering considerations.

Topics covered:
►What is the difference between OSB and plywood? 0:53
►Is OSB or plywood more popular for roof decking? 1:59
►How do OSB and plywood relate to Sheffield Metals’ engineering and testing? 2:33
►What characteristics of each type matter when it comes to roof decking? 4:48
►How does water saturation affect each type? 5:41
►Is installation different for OSB and plywood? 6:29
►Are there any other types of wood decking? 7:14