New Sheffield Metals Florida Product Approvals & 2024 FBC Updates

Florida Building Code is one of the strictest codes in the country, and Sheffield Metals continues to stay up to date with Florida product approvals so their customers have what they need to compete in the marketplace. On today’s Q&A Monday, Sheffield Metals Technical Director Jeff Hock reveals new SMI Florida product approvals and discusses how the 2024 Florida Building Code changes affect metal roofing installers within the state.

Topics covered:

  • What is a Florida product approval? 0:26
  • What new SMI Florida product approvals are available? 1:00
  • Does the assembly matter with Florida product approvals? 1:53
  • Does having a Florida product approval mean you can install it anywhere? 2:21
  • What testing is required for Florida product approvals? 2:44
  • Where is Sheffield’s Florida product approval information located? 4:16
  • How has Florida building code changed in 2024? 4:50

Learn more about the 2024 Florida Building Code updates from and

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