How is Metal Roofing Thickness Measured? Gauges, Inches, Ounces

Today on Q&A Mondays, Thad, Adam, Jeff, and Lori cover how the thickness of metal roofing materials is measured. Steel, aluminum, Zinc, and copper all are measured using different units, and this episode explores where the numbers come from, what’s important to know when you buy, and what terms like AZ50, 24 gauge, and .032 means.

Topics covered:
►What are metal roof gauges? 0:34
►How does thickness relate to metal gauge? 1:45
►How is aluminum measured? 3:44
►What applications is thicker aluminum used for? 4:10
►How does metal thickness relate to engineering? 5:17
►Why are some paint systems exclusive to certain gauges? 7:54
►How are other metal roofing materials measured? 9:25

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