Metal Roofing in the Southeast: Advice for Contractors & Homeowners

The Southeast region of the United States experiences a unique blend of high winds, humidity, torrential rain, and high temperatures, putting any roofing system to the test. Today on Q&A Mondays, Ryan from the Sheffield Metals Sales team joins Thad Barnette to discuss the metal roofing market in states like Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas. They also discuss key pieces of advice Ryan has for both metal roofing contractors and homeowners in the area.

Topics covered:

  • What’s the weather like in the Southeast? 0:27
  • What metal products are typically installed in the region? 0:58
  • Is aluminum often used in Florida coastal areas? 1:32
  • What is the contractor and fabricator market like in the region? 1:50
  • What advice would you give a metal roofing contractor or fabricator? 2:25
  • How does Sheffield Metals support the Southeast region? 2:59
  • How does the SMI Technical department work with contractors? 3:33
  • What advice would you give a homeowner or building owner? 4:00
  • Is metal roofing readily available in the Southeast region? 4:39

Contact the Sheffield Metals Acworth, Georgia branch.

Contact the Sheffield Metals Plant City, Florida branch.

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