Metal Roofing in the Caribbean: Hurricanes, Aluminum, Standing Seam

Today on “Q&A Mondays: Island Edition”, Thad is with Adam Mazzella and Tom Southerland 150 miles south of Cuba in the Cayman Islands to discuss what metal roofing is like in the Caribbean. From questions on aluminum to building in a saltwater environment, to extreme storms and more, get ready for a tropical rundown of all things metal roofing!

Topics covered:
►What’s metal roofing like in the Cayman Islands? 0:42
►Why did many buildings in the Cayman Islands switch to aluminum? 2:05
►Why is standing seam the metal roofing system of choice in the Caymans? 4:24
►What components are used with metal roofing in the Cayman Islands? 6:23
►What type of roll forming is used in the Caymans? 7:47
►What aluminum thickness is used in the Caymans? 9:12

Special thanks to @cayman11able for the drone footage!

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