Metal Roofing Clips: Definitions, Engineering, Profiles, Materials

Today on Q&A Mondays, Thad is joined by Adam, Jeff, and Lori to discuss metal roofing clips. Clip selection is based heavily on engineering, panel profile, material, and system type. This episode covers fixed clips, expansion clips (sometimes known as butterfly clips), floating clips, and other less common types.

Remember, always consult the system engineering if you have questions on which clip you should use, spacing requirements, etc.

Topics covered:
►What are some common types of clips? 0:37
►Fixed clip 2:00
►Expansion clip 2:44
►Floating Clip 4:44
►What types of clips does a snaplock system utilize? 7:21
►What materials are clips made of? 8:14
►Are clips engineered? 9:46
►What are some other types of clips? 11:28

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Please note the installation details and methods shown in this video are for reference only. Sheffield Metals recommends following their published installation details or for WTW projects following the required details issued and marked approved for that specific project.