Is Metal Roofing Good in Warm Weather Climates?

Today on Q&A Mondays, Thad travels to Sheffield Metals in Arlington, Texas, just outside the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Doug Markle helps shed some light on what metal roofing is like in warm weather climates like Texas. They discuss system choice, Texas weather, heat and metal considerations, and more.

Topics covered:
►Is metal roofing popular in hot weather climates? 1:04
►Why does the durability of metal roofing make sense for Texas? 2:03
►Does metal roofing hold heat? 2:40
►What about UV exposure and paint fading in an area like Texas? 3:39
►What type of metal roofing system is recommended in Texas? 4:30
►What other weather does Texas experience other than extreme heat? 5:31

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