Metal Roof Uplift Testing Deep Dive: UL 90, UL 580, UL 1897, ASTM E1592

In episode two of our series about wind uplifts and metal roofing, you’ll get a glimpse at the various test methods and processes that go into engineered assemblies. On today’s Q&A Monday, Jeff Hock from the Sheffield Metals Technical department joins Thad Barnette to take a deep dive into three of the most common uplift tests: UL 580, UL 1897, and ASTM E1592.

Topics covered:

  • What do all uplift tests have in common? 0:37
  • What types of uplift testing are out there for roofs? 1:59
  • What is the UL 580 test? 2:45
  • What do the numbers in a UL test mean? 4:50
  • What is the UL 1897 test? 6:02
  • What should you do with the numbers from the UL 1897 test? 8:08
  • What is ASTM E 1592? 10:53
  • What happens in a ASTM E 1592 test? 13:02
  • How do the roof components and accessories factor into the testing? 14:13

Watch the Metal Roof Extreme Weather Testing video here.

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