Can You Install a New Metal Roof Over an Existing Metal Roof?

What is a metal roof retrofit and how do you know if it is the right choice for your commercial building re-roof?

Metal roof retrofits can be beneficial for building owners, building occupants, and installers alike. Today on The Metal Roofing Channel, Jeff Hock from Sheffield Metals and Tim Lane from TopHat Framing Systems discuss what a metal roof retrofit is, cost savings for a commercial roof renovation, and how it can be installed while operations within the building can continue as normal.

Topics covered:

  • What is a metal roof retrofit? – 0:30
  • Why would you overlay a metal roof over an existing roof? – 2:22
  • What is the installation like for a metal roof retrofit product? – 5:44
  • How does perlin spacing affect panel selection? – 7:06
  • How does Sheffield support a metal roof retrofit project? – 8:44

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