The Art and Science of Metal Roof Estimating

How do you estimate metal roofing materials to maximize profit, flexibility, and efficiency?

Metal roof estimating may seem as easy as ordering a take-off report, but the reality is that nothing beats experience when it comes to translating those numbers into the right material purchase for your project. On today’s Q&A Mondays episode, Thad Barnette is joined by Joe Lilly of Roofing WRX and Jeff Hock of Sheffield Metals to learn both the art and science of metal roof estimating.

Topics covered:

  • How do you begin with metal roof estimating? – 0:55
  • What’s the difference between the art and science of metal roof estimating? – 2:51
  • How would you use take-off software to get an initial cutlist? – 6:51
  • How does Sheffield work with take-offs with their customers? – 10:25
  • What is the field verification process like? – 12:00
  • How could someone improve in the art of metal roof estimating? – 16:42
  • What are some common mistakes when estimating a metal roof?- 18:52

Watch our how to read a take-off video.

Learn how to estimate coil needed for your standing seam metal roofing installation.

See how to estimate trim pieces and accessories for your project.

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