Metal Pro David “Homie” Mulcahy: From Lowriders to Rollformers

Watch to learn about David “Homie” Mulcahy of Salted Metals and his journey from a troubled youth in East Los Angeles to a rollforming and metal fabrication legend in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“For the next generation, whether it’s a troubled youth or a kid coming out of college, there is a future here. It’s satisfying to see a completed project.” – David “Homie” Mulcahy, Owner & Operator of Salted Metals

Based in Sandy, Utah, Metal Pro David “Homie” Mulcahy helped pioneer the “chop and drop” standing seam metal roofing market in Utah and developed a flair for the extraordinary by custom fabricating complex metal work for chimney hoods, range hoods, roofing trim, and everything in between. After 30 years in architectural metal construction, Homie has installed projects in all 50 states and is well known throughout the industry as a true craftsman. Salted Metals continues that legacy by offering standing seam metal roofing panels and trim manufacturing, panel curving, and custom architectural metal fabrication for residential and commercial buildings.

Watch this episode of The Metal Pro Series to learn how Homie’s troubled youth landed him a one way ticket from East L.A. to Utah, how his experience with low rider cars and race cars translated to his love of rollforming machines, and how his family is a vital part of his newest business, Salted Metals.

Learn more about Salted Metals here.

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