What Are Insulated Metal Panels? Uses, Installation, Testing

Insulated metal panels have gained popularity because they offer the benefits of metal roofing with the added value of built-in insulation. In today’s Q&A Mondays episode, Thad Barnette and Jeff Hock explain what insulated metal panels are, how they are installed, their unique characteristics, and when you should choose them for your roof.

Topics covered:

  • What are insulated panels? 0:49
  • Are insulated panels usually on commercial or residential buildings? 2:38
  • Do insulated panels come in a variety of styles? 3:23
  • Are there performance or longevity limitations? 4:20
  • What’s the installation like for insulated panels? 5:13
  • Is there a variety of panels to match an R-value specification? 6:24
  • For commercial projects, what lengths and widths are available? 6:57
  • What’s the cost difference between IMPs and another metal system? 7:30
  • Where can you find insulated panels? 8:51
  • Are insulated metal panels tested for fire resistance? 9:24
  • When is it not good to use IMPs? 10:26